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 Polyurea is a fastset technology that has excellent abrasion resistance for surface protection and containment. It is a flexible, yet strong material.So strong its being used in the middle East to protect our troops. It provides a fast set time (4-5 seconds), which allows for a quick return to service. Polyurea is an tough material that will greatly extend the life of equipment,concrete,canals,conveyer belts & works to stop corrosion.It will extend the life span anything that its applied to. This multi-purpose technology has many advantages over conventional materials. Some of these are:



o      Withstands temperatures –20F to 350F

o      Waterproof

o      Seamless

o      Resistant to solvents, caustics, and mild acids

o      Return to service in minutes

o      No VOC’s

o      Easy to clean

o      Fire retardant systems

o      Multiple color choices    
o      USDA and potable approved versions available

o      Anti-slip availability

o      Interior and exterior applications




Toughest High Performance Coating on the Market!

Tensile Strength- Up to 4,000 PSI

Shore Hardness-A30 to D65

Elongation- Up to 1,000%

Tear Strength- 250- 600 pli

Flex/Crack Bridging- > 1/8 inch
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