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Oil and Gas

Polyurea in the Oil and Gas Industry


Polyurea is a unique product that can serve the oil and gas industry in many ways. These services are currently being used worldwide by such companies as Chevron, Conoco-Phillips and Shell Oil Company to name just a few. They have all discovered  polyurea with it's many advantages and  bebefits for their individual operations.

What can polyurea and RLK Coatings do for your company? This innovative product can save oil and gas companies, lease owners and refineries money! Pipes, pipelines, tanks and equipment are expensive to replace once they have been corroded and disfigured. Prevent corrosion and, renew damaged surfaces, at a fraction of the cost of replacement with polyurea coating . Most common uses in the oil and gas industry to be coated include, but are not limited to:

·       Pipes and pipelines

·       Interior Tank Coatings and secondary containment

Fuel storage

·       Repair of leaking tanks and pipes 

Erosion control,well head containment

·       Oil Field Compressors

Polyurethane foam insulation with polyurea coating













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