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Polyurea  -Metalizing- Spray Foam Insulation-Mudjacking
 Epoxies -Epoxy Injection- Fire Resistant Coatings
Roof & Floor Coatings - Sprayable Ceramics- Concrete Overlays
Serving:  Oil & Gas - Agriculture - Industrial - Commercial - Residential

Primary Containment-Secondary containment

 Oil Storage tanks need to be kept coated to prevent corrosion & rust from forming,keeping them leak free preventing expensive remedial cleanup.
 If your tank is already leaking or the floor is rotted out we can restore it to working condition no welding required The same process will work on Bakker tanks or any other vessels.After coating they'll be ready the next day unlike epoxies, polyurea doesn't need  to be cured under ventilation.
 If after blasting the tank has holes in it as long as their no bigger than a quarter they can easily fixed with polyurea.
  New tanks can have the undersides coated or metalized before placement to ensure no corrosion will occur in the future.
 If tanks are operating under capacity to keep them from off gassing on hot days we can keep them cooler with reflective coatings or insulating spray foam allowing them to operate at 100 % capacity.
 By coating steam lines,well heads or production lines before insulating them you'll stop corrosion from occuring.Metalizing will withstand temperatures up to 1100 degrees f and our relective coatings will bring a 400 degree line down to 140 degrees with only a 20 mil application again allowing no cui.
   Polyurea makes a great lining for mudpits,vacuum trucks,wellhead containment  & erosion control on embankments. 


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