RLK Coatings   Bakersfield - California

Polyurea  -Metalizing- Spray Foam Insulation-Mudjacking
 Epoxies -Epoxy Injection- Fire Resistant Coatings
Roof & Floor Coatings - Sprayable Ceramics- Concrete Overlays
Serving:  Oil & Gas - Agriculture - Industrial - Commercial - Residential



   You may ask, “what can polyurea services and RLK Coatings do for my dairy?” We can save you money! Dairies are subject to numerous corrosion and waterproofing problems caused by cleaning chemicals, cattle feces, high pressure water use and various abrasive uses including movement of large tractors and equipment. Several areas are commonly coated with polyureas including, but not limited to:



  • Milking parlors
  • Stables
  • Feeding areas
  • Infirmary
  • Silage Pits
  • Grain storage facilities
  • Walkways, alleys and walls
  • Smooth surface flow-out
  • Skid resistant surfaces are also available


Many of these areas are subject to high amounts of repeated human and channeled
cattle traffic. Regions exposed to high amounts of cattle traffic will definitely be vulnerable to the caustic nature of concentrated cattle urine and feces, spilled water and feed. Polyureas can aid in the preservation of concrete and costly replacement/ repairs of various surfaces with its unique properties.


Sunset Dairy  used polyurea and you can too!







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