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 Epoxies -Epoxy Injection- Fire Resistant Coatings
Roof & Floor Coatings - Sprayable Ceramics- Concrete Overlays
Serving:  Oil & Gas - Agriculture - Industrial - Commercial - Residential

Tank Exterior Coatings

We provide an extremely cost effective solution to deteriorating tank exteriors. Instead of continuous sandblasting and recoating, with our system you only do it once.

First, we sand blast the tank exterior. Next we apply a 4 to 5 mil application of polyurea. The polyurea is then topcoated with a standard acrylic exterior house paint. The properties of the polyurea base coat provide a chemical bonding with the top coat acrylic paint giving the top coat an extended life span. You never have to sand blast again, after a few years, simply recoat with the acrylic paint. Since the polyurea is bonded directly to the tank wall, you'll never incur rust deterioration again.

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