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Polyurea  -Metalizing- Spray Foam Insulation-Mudjacking
 Epoxies -Epoxy Injection- Fire Resistant Coatings
Roof & Floor Coatings - Sprayable Ceramics- Concrete Overlays
Serving:  Oil & Gas - Agriculture - Industrial - Commercial - Residential

We can protect your equipment from corrosion and wear from everyday uses. Farmers with equipment under constant mechanical abrasion or acidic environments, such as chemicals or fruits, can avoid costly repairs and deterioration by using polyurea. For example, wine producers can coat their gondolas one-time with polyurea versus routine recoatings using traditional epoxies. Other uses include:
  • Packing houses- flooring, walls, storage tanks

RLK Coatings Bakersfield, CA Polyurea Agriculture Use - 1
Acess hatch sealed with polyurethane foam
Polyurea floors, walls and ceiling in fruit gasing room

  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • Sumps and reservoirs
  • Irrigation and canals
  • Waterproofing

We have coatings which are FDA approved!

Irrigation and Canal Lining Repair

RLK Coatings Bakersfield, CA Polyurea Irrigation - Canal Repair

Concrete is a naturally porous material which can leak, deteriorate quickly and crack easily.
Polyurea can be used to fill these cracks or completely line a surface to waterproof and prevent costly leaks. One advantage to using polyurea for these surfaces is it's fast set nature; polyurea cures in seconds NOT days!

Columbia Irrigation Flumes have used polyurea with great success and you can too!

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